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Paris Glance

Paris Hilton -- the prolific actress? Don't blink or you'll miss the hotel heiress's many breakout roles in ''Zoolander,'' ''The O.C.,'' ''George Lopez,'' and more

It's official: Paris Hilton is a breakout ''actress.'' Since the winter debut of her hit Fox reality show, ''The Simple Life'' (which returns June 16), she's racked up a resume full of high-profile TV guest spots, and is currently on the big screen as model Amber in the Kate Hudson romantic comedy ''Raising Helen.'' Still, Hilton is no overnight success -- just a glimpse of her filmography (and we're not including the infamous sex tape) shows she's had a lot of experience playing...well, pretty much herself.

The O.C. (2004) as party girl Kate

Las Vegas (2004) as gold digger Madison

George Lopez (2004) as too-sexy tutor Ashley

The Cat in the Hat (2003) as a partying clubgoer

Wonderland (2003) as a guest on a yacht

Zoolander (2001) as herself

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