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The 10 hottest topics for the week of June 4, 2004

1 MISS UNIVERSE Call it what you want, but they all look a lot like Earth women. From the '50s, but still from Earth.

2 MADONNA She's started her Re-Invention Tour. Want to really reinvent yourself? Join a klezmer band.

3 THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW Absolutely nobody will listen to a paleoclimatologist's dire predictions of global warming. Except a couple of movie producers.

4 WORLD SERIES OF POKER Twenty-four hundred gamblers are going after a $5 million pot. Which they all need to pay off debts to friends and family.

5 SOUL PLANE Rapper-turned-actor Snoop Dogg plays a pilot for a hip-hop airline in this new comedy. We didn't think he could get any higher.

6 AMERICAN BANDSTAND The country's oldest teenager, Dick Clark, and the creator of ''American Idol'' have hooked up to resuscitate the old dance show. Prompting many kids to ask, ''What is a bandstand?''

7 AVRIL LAVIGNE The ''anti-Britney'' has released her second CD. Wouldn't the anti-Britney be, like, Tom Waits?

8 PEANUTS AND... After much deliberation, the Yankees have decided to sell Crunch 'n Munch instead of Cracker Jack this year. Next on the agendapitching.

9 SAVED! A movie about not-so-angelic life in a Christian high school. Face it, how is ''Going to Hell'' going to look on your permanent record?

10 GAS PRICES It's so bad, for the first time they're offering a rebate on Hummers. Not the ones they sell the government, of course. They're not idiots.

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