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NASCAR has entered the reality TV race -- ''NASCAR Drivers: 360'' follows the lives of 10 of the sport's top drivers

This just in: NASCAR drivers aren't monsters. ''The fans all view me as this real aggressive person that I am on the racetrack,'' says racing notable Kevin Harvick. ''But off the track I'm really laid-back.'' For the lighter side of speed demons, check out ''NASCAR Drivers: 360'' (FX, Fridays at 10 p.m.), a reality series from exec producers Tony Krantz (''24'') and Scott Messick (''Survivor'') that tails 10 of the sport's top drivers. Already, Harvick has impersonated William Hung, punk'd his father-in-law, and farted on wife DeLana. ''You'd never think that we'd have access to that kind of thing,'' Krantz boasts. These gems sound hard to top, but the best moments -- such as Harvick running out of gas with five laps to go in Vegas -- still occur at the track. The drama is even higher in an upcoming episode when rookie Brian Vickers' mother witnesses her son's 200-mph wreck at Daytona (Vickers was unharmed). Says Krantz, ''You couldn't tell it better if it was scripted.''

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