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We're Dyin' For... 'The Brady Bunch'

EW petitions for ''Brady Bunch'' DVD collection -- Paramount has no immediate plans to release the cheesy 70s sitcom and EW wants to know why

We saved up all our Checker Trading Stamps, and, unable to decide between a sewing machine and a rowboat, we got ourselves a brand-new color TV set! (Groovy!) But what do we have to play on it? Not DVDs of ''The Brady Bunch,'' it turns out. A Paramount spokesman says a release ''is under consideration for next year,'' but we're not sure we can wait. Especially now that we're tantalized by the sly behind-the-scenes TV movie ''Growing Up Brady'' (PG-13, 88 mins., 2000, Paramount). Sure enough, we feel a certain unspeakable bliss watching Adam Brody and Kaley Cuoco (pre-''The O.C.'' and ''8 Simple Rules...'') reenact the blossoming of Barry Williams and Maureen McCormick's pseudo-incestuous love affair when Greg and Marcia fight over the attic bedroom. And we weep as Robert Reed (Daniel Hugh Kelly) struggles with the show's fabulously anti-Shakespearean scripts. But, really, like all those Kitty Karry-All dolls, this just isn't as good as the original. Come on, Paramount! As the song goes, ''when it's time to change, you've got to rearrange'' -- and put out on DVD the most beloved dopey sitcom ever. Only then will it truly be a sunshine day.

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