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DVD Review: 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' (2014)


Details Movie Rated: R; With: Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon; Distributor: Fox Home Video

You may think you've watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show on VH1 a few times. You haven't. The only real way to see the world's most baffling and durable cult phenomenon is in a theater full of freak and geek fanatics who're yelling at the screen and throwing rice and toast at each other. Viewing the movie at home is fine for a little campy fun, but in no way does it approach the lunatic thrill of the full theatrical experience.

This two disc, 25th anniversary wide screen package — which includes a making of documentary, commentary by stars Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn, and tons of other extras — attempts to remedy that. Helpful subtitles tell you the correct moment to put newspaper over your head.

An (optional) audio track provides the famously elaborate audience participation dialogue. And periodically you can hit a button and jump to video footage of a live audience aping scenes along with the movie, which is fun to watch but gets kind of creepy if you start thinking about it too much. Much like the whole Rocky Horror phenomenon itself. B+

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