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Rising From the Dead

It's been a whole year since last we saw HBO's ''Six Feet Under'' -- so let's recap last season and give you a peek at the new one

Peter Krause, Six Feet Under
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Frances Conroy, Six Feet Under
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Frances Conroy

WHEN LAST WE SAW HER Ruth did some serious nuzzling with creepy funeral-home intern Arthur (Rainn Wilson), then met six-times-married George (James Cromwell) at a funeral and wed him within a few weeks.

WHAT'S NEXT Ruth's sister Sarah (Patricia Clarkson) and buddy Bettina (Kathy Bates) will be back this season, but Ruth will have her hands full with George. ''He has all these issues in his life that are starting to come up,'' says Cromwell. ''And Ruth refuses to let him run away from them. So he's going to have to deal with his feelings.''

IF WE WERE IN CHARGE... Ruth wouldn't have to solve all of George's problems on her own -- we'd get these two to a couples counselor, pronto.

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