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You Are A Jam Band Fan

Like it or not, even some of your hipper favorites will out you as a closet Deadhead. Don't believe us? You don't have to. Trust our Jerry-O-Meter*, man. And enjoy Lollapalooza!

RADIOHEAD Take away Thom Yorke, and they are Medeski Martin & Wood. Bonus: Yorke's twitchy, trippy hippie shake-dancing on stage! JERRY-O-METER 8

THE FLAMING LIPS They sing about shiny, happy robots and perform in giant, psychedelic bunny costumes. A little ''White Rabbit,'' anyone? JERRY-O-METER 7

MY MORNING JACKET Smelly, hairy Southern rock that delivers more noodle than Chinese takeout; much, much closer to Skynyrd than your beloved Slint. Sad but true. Jerry-O-Meter 9

SONIC YOUTH Set the WABAC machine for 1970: The round-the-clock jams Lee Ranaldo and Thurston Moore employ hark back to the double-guitar Allman Bros. onslaught of Dickey Betts and Duane Allman. JERRY-O-METER 10

BUILT TO SPILL It's all about Doug Martsch's epic guitar solos. Look no further than their Live album for a 20-minute, noodle-rific version of Neil Young & Crazy Horse's ''Cortez the Killer.'' (Yep, Young too is a jam band vet. Sniff.) JERRY-O-METER 9.5

*''Scored from 1 to 10, least jammy to most.''

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