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'Open Water'

Low-budget horror-flick hit at Sundance -- 'Open Water' -- The Must List 2004

NAME Stuart Cove
AGE 45
MUSTWORTHINESS With more than 100 films and commercials on his resume, Cove, who lives in the Bahamas, is one of the world's most sought-after shark whisperers. But no gig has tested his skills more than ''Open Water,'' the low-budget horror flick that sparked a feeding frenzy at this year's Sundance. Dubbed '''Jaws' meets 'The Blair Witch Project,''' the movie stars Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis as vacationers who get stranded in shark-infested waters. There were no computer-generated special effects -- just 30-odd Caribbean reef sharks.
SURVIVING A SHARK ATTACK ''Stay still. Don't grab the sharks. If they bump into you, don't push them away.''
SHARKS THAT SCARE HIM MOST ''There are probably more sharks in the movie business than there are in the ocean.''
NEXT ''Open Water'' hits theaters Aug. 6.
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