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Our favorite robots in disguise celebrate their 20th anniversary in style with an energetic title that belies the mileage on their odometers. Officially, the task at hand (or wheel?) is to control one of three Autobus, including leader Optimus Prime, and to scour the planet for a race of long-lost Transformers called Mini-Cons before Megatron and his Decepticons find them. The backstory, naturally, is an unabashed smoke screen for making nuts and bolts of the bad guys with some fearsome firepower, which becomes even more potent after using a few Mini-Cons to upgrade your arsenal. To its credit, this shooter never loses sight that it's a Transformers game: Some areas are inaccessible unless you morph your 'bot into a vehicle. Best of all, scattered throughout are bonus items that offer nostalgic winks to the franchise, including the theme song of the '80s TV show. After two decades, there's no rust on these Transformers.

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