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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay

Say what you will about Vin Diesel's acting -- the guy sure knows how to make a memorable videogame. ''Butcher Bay'', produced by and featuring the voice of Diesel, plays out as a prequel to the new ''Riddick'' film. Set in an ''Oz''-like prison, the first-person shooter has you rocking the jailhouse by sneaking around in the darkness and offing guards, inmates, and aliens. The gameplay is solid if a bit unpolished, but the awe-inspiring 3-D graphics -- the best yet seen on the Xbox -- are what ultimately makes this adventure shine brighter than Riddick's eyes. The curse of bad movie-themed videogames is officially over.

Originally posted Jun 18, 2004 Published in issue #770 Jun 18, 2004 Order article reprints

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