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Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley
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Will Ziggy Marley succeed in her movie debut?

MOVIE ''Shark Tale''

WHEN Oct. 1

PLAYING Ernie, a Rastafarian jellyfish who's an undersea mob goon

WHAT'S THE STORY? In this animated gangster-movie parody, Oscar (Will Smith), a small-timer, becomes a big shot after he tells a whopper of a fish story, only to flounder when the truth comes out.

WHY HE MIGHT ROCK Jamaican-born Marley, son of Bob, will certainly have the accent down, and he won't have to worry about his facial expressions or body language.

WHY HE MIGHT HIT A SOUR NOTE Ernie and fellow jellyfish Bernie (Doug E. Doug) are supposed to have stinging senses of humor, something that earnest troubadour Marley has never been known for.

Originally posted Jun 11, 2004

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