The Must List

Brad Meltzer

Author of the highly anticipated comic book ''Identity Crisis'' -- Brad Meltzer -- The Must List 2004

AGE 34
MUSTWORTHINESS He's writing the season's biggest event in superherodom: ''Identity Crisis,'' a seven-issue comic-book series involving every major DC character from Batman to the Elongated Man. ''I want to explore the emotional cost of putting on a cape,'' says Meltzer, whom you may also know from one of his five best-selling thrillers.
ON HIS MUST LIST ''[Muppet creator] Jim Henson -- a visionary who didn't care about money, only his unique concept of entertaining.''
WORST JOB Scooping Haagen-Dazs. ''If people were mean to me I'd break off the bottom of the cone so the ice cream would leak out after they walked away.''
NEXT The WB drama ''Jack & Bobby,'' which he cocreated.

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