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EW chooses the best and worst film remakes -- Among them are ''Ocean's Eleven,'' ''The Wiz,'' and ''Psycho''


1 ''Ocean's Eleven'' (2001) A hellzapoppin' cast turned the Rat Pack's so-so 1960 caper into a glitzy love letter to Vegas.

2 ''Dawn of the Dead'' (2004) Bloody, hysterical, and scary as hell. How remakes oughta be.

3 ''The Thomas Crown Affair'' (1999) Made us forget Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway's steamy 1968 chess game.

4 ''Cape Fear'' (1991) Robert De Niro chewed the swampy scenery in Martin Scorsese's twisted take on the 1962 classic.

5 ''The Wiz'' (1978) Props for taking a risk and plunging Diana Ross' Dorothy into a big-city ghetto...


1 ''The Wiz'' (1978) ...but for most, this dreary take mars memories of the original.

2 ''Sabrina'' (1995) and ''The Truth About Charlie'' (2002) Dear Julia Ormond and Thandie Newton: Never try to channel our beloved Audrey Hepburn again. Love, EW

3 ''Psycho'' (1998) Left anybody who saw it asking, Why?!?!?

4 ''The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'' (2003) Like a WB show gone horribly awry.

5 ''Gloria'' (1999) Another nail in Sharon Stone's career coffin!

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