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Necessary Objects?

Which products were spotted in this week's movies? Coca-Cola, Mercedes, and Planter's Peanuts were found this week

They are so ready for their close-ups! A few venerable (and by ''venerable,'' we mean old) brands get some screen time.

COCA-COLA It's the 1940s and Coke is it for ''The Notebook'''s yearning youngsters. A billboard touts the soda, which has been around since 1886.

MERCEDES Both women in the life of ''The Door in the Floor'''s WASPy writer -- wife and mistress -- tool around in cars from the company (est. 1886).

PLANTERS PEANUTS The salty snack (around since 1906) may be eaten up, but an empty peanut can holds something precious in ''The Terminal.''

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