The Must List 2004

Movie Dolls

WHAT THEY AREN'T ''Matrix'' or ''Hellboy'' figurines that sci-fi nerds cream over in musty comic-book stores.
WHAT THEY ARE Playthings for discerning film fans (okay, geeks), like ''Ghost World'' slackerette Enid (pink-, green-, or black-haired), an ''Adaptation'' figure set (above right; Charlie is the sweaty one), and Medicom's line of limited-edition Kubrick minifigures from films like ''Reservoir Dogs.'' We're also partial to Dark Horse's homage to '50s cheesecake queen Bettie Page, complete with photo studio and leering photog (
TURNING JAPANESE Most of these figurines are made in Japan. ''Asia's way ahead on the retro-cool thing for toys,'' says Giant Robot owner Eric Nakamura (, who counts Matt Groening as a fan. ''If you're into design and packaging, that's what makes [them] cutting edge.''

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