The Must List 2004


WHAT Longer, leaner, harder bodies. Think Uma, not Oprah.
THE RECIPE Pilates, yoga, and dance fused into one efficient workout.
WHERE New Yorkers swear by Exhale spa's Core Fusion class. In L.A., it's all about All the Right Moves at Equinox (a favorite of comic Sarah Silverman). ''People who were spinning and weight-training told me they hated their bodies,'' says Moves creator Grace Lazenby (see for video info). ''This is about getting long and lean quickly.''
THE NEXT GENERATION Kappel LeRoy Clarke's more aerobic Fre Flo Do, a ''Launchpad''-based (think treadmill) fancy-footwork and mental-focus workout that makes you sweat like Albert Brooks in ''Broadcast News'' (available only at Equinox NYC, 19th Street, it will likely go national in '05; see

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