The Must List 2004

The Maritime & Sunset Marquis

WHAT Bored with too-cool-for-school hotel staffs, beyond-trendy decor, impossibly kitschy minibar treats, and loud, scene-y lobbies? Seems a lot of people are. Which is why the old-school comforts of L.A.'s Sunset Marquis -- for years a refuge for rockers -- are attracting celebs with a desire for laid-back luxe, like the newly refurbished Villa 1 South suite (55'' TV, private Jacuzzi, fireplace). Jasmine-scented gardens and the friendliest staff this side of Disneyland also included. On the other coast, NYC's Maritime Hotel gets the guests for making them feel like they're aboard a cruise ship, without the shuffleboard and all-night buffets. Fleet Week sailors not included.
CELEB ENDORSEMENTS The Marquis' must-sleepers include Billy Bob Thornton and Mary J. Blige. The Maritime has hosted Tyson Beckford and Daryl Hannah.

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