The Must List 2004

Ron English

AGE 43
MUSTWORTHINESS In his 22-year career, notorious pop prankster Ron English has painted more than 1,000 illegal billboards. And the hit fast-food expose Super Size Me wouldn't be half the fun without his outrageously sly parodies of a bloated Ronald McDonald.
HE'S LOVING IT! ''I just assumed McDonald's would sue and shut 'Super Size Me' down. It's great because this is the way in a democracy to address corporations. They're huge, but not unstoppable.''
MISSION STATEMENT ''To promote critical thinking.''
WHICH WILL GET YOU SUED BY KISS, King Features, Disney, the Van Gogh Foundation, the Warhol Foundation.
NEXT Documentarian Pedro Carvajal, who spent 10 years following the artist, is working on the final edit of ''POPaganda: The Art & Crimes of Ron English.''

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