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How TV and movie actors differ. EW's Ken Tucker answers this week's reader question

Ray Romano | SCENE STEALER ''Everybody Loves'' Romano's acting techniques
SCENE STEALER ''Everybody Loves'' Romano's acting techniques

How TV and movie actors differ

Why don't TV critics talk more about individual acting techniques, the way movie critics do? -- Colleen
TV series are so often about on-going plots that acting analysis can be neglected, you're right. (Also, lotsa movies are one-sentence concepts, so there's room to ruminate in this area.) Just within ''Everybody Loves Raymond,'' you can see the difference between Ray Romano's stand-up-comic simplicity versus Peter Boyle's stage-trained shrewdness. In drama, compare the equal effectiveness of minimalism (''The X-Files''' David Duchovny) versus more emotive acting by ''The West Wing'''s Martin Sheen.

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