The Must List

Tyra Banks

Creator of UPN's ''America's Next Top Model'' -- Tyra Banks -- The Must List 2004

AGE 30
MUSTWORTHINESS A declawer with decolletage to die for, this mother hen makes UPN's ''America's Next Top Model'' more delectable than any show about dueling waifs has a right to be.
PHYSICAL PERFECTION IS ''Halle Berry's waist, Jessica Simpson's bone structure, Cindy Crawford's mole, Niki Taylor's smile, Jennifer Lopez's skin, [Victoria's Secret model] Adriana Lima's eyes, Heidi Klum's personality...and my big-ass forehead.''
CAREER HIGH ''As a model, being the first black woman on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and on the cover of the Victoria's Secret catalog; as a producer, creating 'America's Next Top Model' and making UPN a force to be reckoned with.''
FALL INTO THE GAP ''In high school I auditioned -- wait, not auditioned, look how screwed up my life is -- I applied to the Gap, but I never got a response.''
NEXT Two more seasons of ''Top Model'' and a host of other TV projects, including a ''Model'' spin-off. Banks is also recording a solo album, which she hopes to have out by early 2005.

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