The Passion of Michael Moore

George W. Bush, Michael Moore, ...

Did you get the footage of the sexual abuse before or after the prison scandal broke?

Why didn't you make it public? Or at least give it to the government?
I thought, What should we do? We don't have a show, we're not going to give it to these networks. They're all cheerleaders for Bush.

Do you really believe that?
There's not a single network I would give this footage to and expect them to handle it properly.

But isn't there a chance that you could have stopped this earlier? Don't you have to take that chance?
It's funny, you know, it's kinda damned if you do, damned if you don't. If I had released this before Cannes, they would have all said that this is a publicity stunt for this movie. And now they're killing me that I waited.


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