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Just how much money will ''Spider-Man 2'' make? The Tobey Maguire sequel is the undisputed king this weekend, having already set an opening-day record

Tobey Maguire, Spider-Man 2 | BOX OFFICE METTLE ''Spider-Man 2'''s six-day gross should be quite impressive
Image credit: Spider-Man 2: Melissa Moseley
BOX OFFICE METTLE ''Spider-Man 2'''s six-day gross should be quite impressive

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Will ''Spider-Man 2'''s opening weekend match that of ''Spider-Man''? They're almost impossible to compare.

''Spider-Man'' grossed an unbelievable $114.8 million in its first three days in May 2002, a record that still holds more than two years later. The sequel, however, debuted on a Wednesday and promptly broke the record for opening-day gross -- previously held by the first ''Spider-Man'' -- with $40.5 million. Plus, it will enjoy a six-day debut ''weekend,'' thanks to the Fourth of July holiday. While it would be quite a feat for the second ''Spidey'' to break the Friday-through-Sunday benchmark, expect to see six-day numbers beyond anything we've ever seen -- in the ballpark of $170 million. For the four-day holiday weekend, it should rake in about $105 million.

Michael Moore's ''Fahrenheit 9/11,'' meanwhile, sees its theater count double this weekend, which should allow the controversial documentary to gross another $25 million over the long weekend, followed by the surprise hit ''Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story'' and ''White Chicks,'' which will each earn around $14 million.

Completing the top five will likely be ''The Notebook,'' which could see a small slide to $9 million in its second weekend. But every film in the marketplace will owe a debt of gratitude to ''Spider-Man 2,'' which will have moviegoers flocking to the multiplexes between Fourth of July barbecues.

Originally posted Jul 01, 2004

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