Sound Bites

Sound Bites

''It was refreshing to see a pyramid of naked men that wasn't a violation of the Geneva Convention.'' DAVID LETTERMAN, ON NYC'S GAY PRIDE PARADE, ON LATE SHOW

''Sorry, bro. It's all Chong till he gets out of jail.'' METHOD MAN, AFTER REDMAN ASKS WHY THEY CAN'T BE ON THE COVER OF HIGH TIMES, ON METHOD & RED

''Last night on ''Larry King,'' former president Clinton said he's been married to Hillary for so long that he can just look at her and tell what she's thinking. And usually she's thinking. You son of a bitch.'' CONAN O'BRIEN ON LATE NIGHT

''You still get $5,000 for the National Mental Health Association.... I think some of that goes for my Zoloft.'' DAVE FOLEY TO LOSER ANDY RICHTER ON CELEBRITY POKER SHOWDOWN

''Pick up your s -- -.'' MADONNA, EXPLAINING HER PARENTING MOTTO, ON 20/20

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