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Get ready for ''Spider-Man: The Musical.'' A wealth of talent, including U2's Bono and the Edge, ''Crying Game'' filmmaker Neil Jordan, and ''Lion King'' musical director Julie Taymor, is supposedly attached

Tobey Maguire, Spider-Man 2 | BROADWEB Spidey has something to sing about
Image credit: Spider-Man 2: Melissa Moseley
BROADWEB Spidey has something to sing about

He's conquered the box office, but can Spider-Man cast his net over Broadway as well? Variety reports that a ''Spider-Man'' musical is in the works. According to Variety, the lineup of talent behind the musical includes such heavy-hitters as U2's Bono and the Edge (who'd write the songs); filmmaker Neil Jordan (''The Crying Game,'' ''Interview With the Vampire''), who'd write the book; and director Julie Taymor, whose Tony-winning production of ''The Lion King'' is still a top draw on Broadway after nearly seven years. Producing would be Tony Adams, who also brought a successful stage version of the movie ''Victor/Victoria'' to Broadway a few years ago. Neither Marvel Comics nor Adams would confirm the project to Variety. Peter Cromarty, a spokesman for the production, declined's request for a comment, except to say that an official announcement would be coming shortly.

Originally posted Jul 08, 2004

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