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Every CD on Team Love, Bright Eyes star Conor Oberst's label, can be downloaded in full -- for free! Check out TILLY AND THE WALL'S ''Wild Like Children,'' which sounds like a weenie-roast jamboree. TEAM-LOVE.COM

Gray-haired metalheads VAN HALEN are touring again, but not before putting in some time in the studio. The product is ''It's About Time,'' from their July hits collection. MUSICDOWNLOADS.WALMART.COM

RUFUS WAINWRIGHT fans, wait no longer. Four previews from his next CD, ''Want Two,'' are available online as the EP ''Waiting for a Want.'' The sound? More literate cabaret pop from the mopey ivory tickler. ITUNES.COM

British psych-rockers CLINIC preview their upcoming CD ''Winchester Cathedral'' with a strong dose of instrumental freakiness called ''Vertical Take Off From Egypt.'' Space suits not included. CLINICONLINE.ORG

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