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Election '04 inspires political fashion -- Celebrities are wearing T-shirts and underwear emblazoned with slogans

Michael Moore's attire notwithstanding, political activism and fashion CAN coexist: Election '04 has already sparked a string of hip, celeb-endorsed T-shirts. Angelina Jolie and John C. Reilly have been spotted in Caitlin Blue's softball-inspired tops, emblazoned with such Bush-bashing team names as ''Unilateral Cowboys'' and ''Axis of Evil Doers'' (available at Isaac Mizrahi, Todd Oldham, and Richard Tyler are going a less inflammatory route, with tees from, the site of a nonpartisan effort to get young people to vote (with their wallets, if nothing else -- sales of Mizrahi's V-neck ''VOTE'' shirt spiked after Avril Lavigne rocked one in concert). ''The shirts are really stylish Americana,'' says Blue about her designs. ''But they trick you, too, because they have a message.''

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