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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Image credit: Austin Powers: New Line Cinema


FROM Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

PLAYED BY Cindy Margolis of Internet-download fame (foreground), plus a bevy of unknowns (Cheryl Bartel, Donna W. Scott, Barbara Ann Moore, and Cynthia Lamontagne)

PROGRAMMING These swingin' synthetic sirens, done up like bedroom Barbies, are designed by Dr. Evil to lure Austin Powers to his doom.

SPECIAL FEATURES Each of the fembot fatales has, as Austin calls them, ''machine-gun jubblies.'' Oh, naughty!

MEMORABLE MOMENT Austin short-circuits the fembots, sending their heads spinning with nothing more than his hairy-chested mojo.

WHY THEY PUSH OUR BUTTONS Actually, the existence of these lethally sexy androids explains a lot, especially in Austin Powers in Goldmember, which reveals that Britney Spears is a fembot too.


Originally posted Jul 14, 2004