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Necessary Objects?

Which products were spotted in this week's movies? Cosmetics was the theme found in ''Sleepover,'' ''Anchorman,'' and ''King Arthur''

Personal expression is an important part of identity. So are cosmetics. This week: a cinematic salute to beauty!

HARD CANDY The giggling girls of ''Sleepover'' use the supertrendy polish -- along with Wite-Out -- on their toes during a montage.

BRUT This men's fragrance, the height of '70s he-manity, is left on the shelf in favor of ''Anchorman'''s fictional Sex Panther cologne.

BODY PAINT ''King Arthur'''s warriors -- including a curlicued Guinevere -- slap on the blue (just like in ''Braveheart''!) and go to war.

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