Making Whoopi

Goldberg and Ronstadt get the boot

Speaking of heat waves: Linda Ronstadt was escorted from the Aladdin Resort & Casino in Las Vegas July 17 after her dedication of ''Desperado'' to ''great American patriot'' Michael Moore caused a brouhaha. In a statement, the Aladdin said it hired Ronstadt to entertain, ''not to espouse...political views.'' Ronstadt is the second celeb in days to feel backlash from political remarks made on stage. Diet-drink company Slim-Fast shed spokesperson Whoopi Goldberg July 14 after her anti-Bush jokes at a Kerry fund-raiser. (The company was ''disappointed by the manner in which Ms. Goldberg chose to express herself.'') As for Ronstadt: ''She didn't sleep out in the desert,'' her agent laughs. ''She's an articulate, well-informed woman. I'm sure she'll say the same thing again.'' Never one to miss an opportunity, Moore offered to sing ''America the Beautiful'' with Ronstadt and show ''Fahrenheit 9/11'' to hotel guests for free.

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