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Coming Out Party

Cher, Alan Cumming will star on gay network. They'll have their own shows on Logo, as will Kathy Griffin, ''Kids in the Hall'''s Scott Thompson, and maybe Margaret Cho and Sandra Bernhard

What, no Ellen? Logo, the MTV-owned gay-themed cable channel, has announced a lineup of programming for its debut in February, and while there are no offerings from Ms. DeGeneres, virtually every other gay performer, or gay-identified or gay-friendly performer you can think of seems to be represented. Leading the roster are Cher and daughter Chastity Bono, who will produce a show called ''Family Outings,'' inspired by Chastity's book of the same name. Chastity will host the show, which will trace the coming-out stories of ordinary folk. Also on the bill is Alan Cumming, who'll host ''The Alan Cumming Experience.'' Fittingly for the actor, who won a Tony as the emcee in ''Cabaret,'' his show will be a cabaret-like variety show. (Guess the ''X2: X-Men United'' star decided against calling it ''Nightcrawler.'')

At least two shows will center on gay marriage: ''Do I?'' tests couples to see if they're ready to tie the knot, and if they are, they could end up on ''My Fabulous Gay Wedding,'' hosted by ''Kids in the Hall'''s Scott Thompson. And for the honeymoon, a gay cruise, as chronicled on ''Fantastic Voyage,'' hosted by comic Kathy Griffin.

In talks to have their own shows are Sandra Bernhard and Margaret Cho, who was disinvited from a gay fundraiser being held Monday night in Boston to coincide with the Democratic National Convention, with some organizers fearing that the outspoken comic might embarrass the Democrats, as Whoopi Goldberg did with her risqué jokes at a John Kerry fundraiser a few weeks ago. No word on whether Cho would have to tone down her act for Logo.

Besides original series, Logo will also feature MTV- and VH1-style pop culture specials and countdowns, like ''The Road to Logo'' (a history of gay pop culture, featuring talking heads Melissa Etheridge, B.D. Wong, and Judith Light) and ''The Big Gay 100'' (a list ranking gay cultural icons). Plus, there will be a library of at least 150 theatrical and made-for-TV films with gay themes (like ''Gods and Monsters''), and possible reruns of gay-themed series from other Viacom-owned channels, like Showtime's ''Queer as Folk.'' Logo will be available in some 15 million homes when it launches in February.

Originally posted Jul 26, 2004

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