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Lindsay Lohan
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Catch Up With Lindsay Lohan

August must-do: Catch up with Lindsay Lohan

No, you're not lost in a teenage boy's hallucination. Lindsay Lohan really is everywhere: as a go-to host (''SNL,'' MTV Movie Awards); a gossip column staple (She turns 18!); a singer (her Kim Carnes rasp graces the ''Princess Diaries 2'' soundtrack); and of course, the preeminent teen queen (our picks: ''Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen,'' now on DVD, and ''Mean Girls,'' out Sept. 21). We asked Lohan how she's surviving the dog days.

SCREW ATKINS -- TAKE UP THE NASCAR DIET Lohan called us from L.A., where she's filming a starring role in ''Herbie: Fully Loaded,'' an update of the hippie-era adventure set in the world of NASCAR. She'd just zoomed through a few laps at the Richard Petty Driving Experience, a traveling race-car romp that puts inexperienced roadies on the track. (Go to 1800bepetty.com to see when it'll be near you.) ''I learned that race-car drivers go around 200 times in one race, and they lose seven to eight pounds each time because it's so hot in the car.'' A pause. A sigh. ''I didn't lose seven to eight pounds, though!''

WORK YOURSELF INTO A LATHER ''I've been watching soap operas in my trailer during the day,'' says Lohan, whose first acting role -- wayyyy back in 1996! -- was as ''Another World'''s little Alli Fowler.

MAKE IT A BUMPY NIGHT Rent ''All About Eve'' and ''Taxi Driver.'' Lohan will exec-produce and star in a version of Lynn Messina's chick-lit novel ''Fashionistas,'' but what she really wants to do is remake the bitchy ''Eve'' with ''people that I actually look up to in the industry.'' Like? ''Julia Roberts.'' And maybe Jodie Foster, whose breakthrough turn in ''Taxi Driver'' remains a personal favorite. ''If I did that now?'' she asks. ''People would call me a slut and use it against me. But I'm growing up! I need to experiment and see where those kinds of roles take me.''

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