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Streisand, Fonda tackle motherhood in new movies -- The iconic actresses are beckoned back to the big screen playing tough mothers

Step off, Vanessa Redgrave! The ''Nip/Tuck'' diva's not the only ball-busting mother-in-law to be played by a legend. Incoming: Jane Fonda, Shirley MacLaine, and Barbra Streisand.

Fonda, who bolted the biz after 1990's ''Stanley & Iris,'' will return next year in ''Monster-in-Law,'' as a battle-ax who tries to push son Michael Vartan away from fiancee Jennifer Lopez. Shirley MacLaine will step into the muumuus of witchcrafty in-law Endora for summer 2005's ''Bewitched.'' And, in her first film since 1996's ''The Mirror Has Two Faces,'' La Streisand will play the sex-therapist mom of Ben Stiller in ''Meet the Fockers'' (Dec. 22). As the movie's trailer reveals, she'll be coiffed in retro, ''A Star Is Born''-style ringlet curls. Verklemmt yet?

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