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M*A*S*H Re-Up

Vaughn and Ferrell in an old-school remake of M*A*S*H? Ken Tucker thinks an Altman-style makeover of the TV classic with these two stars would be a big-screen smash

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Vaughn and Ferrell in an old-school remake of M*A*S*H?

TV shows like ''Bewitched'' and ''The Love Boat'' are making big-screen comebacks. What old TV show would you like to be brought back as a movie, and which actors would you like to see play the parts? -- Ami Arellano
Here's my surefire-hit concept, Ami: Revive a TV show that started out as a movie -- ''M*A*S*H'' -- but use the smart-aleck tone TV writer Larry Gelbart brought to the property, not the black-humor one film director Robert Altman deployed. Cast dead-pan jokers Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell in the Hawkeye and Trapper John roles, and some studio will have itself one big box office smash.

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