Pam and Jenna--Hooked on Classics?

EW compares a porn star and a playmate to a writer -- A look at the similarities between the books of Pamela Anderson, Jenna Jameson, and Theodore Dreiser

EW compares a porn star and a playmate to a writer

In Pamela Anderson's debut novel, STAR -- copenned by ghostwriter Eric Shaw Quinn -- a young woman from a small Florida town makes it in the big city and becomes a TV star.

Stage name Star

Deadbeat boyfriend ''[Adam] was jealous and possessive, and yet he didn't seem to want her around.''

Big spender '''Let's go shopping to celebrate,' [Peter] said. 'My treat. We'll have a Pretty Woman shopping spree on Rodeo Drive.'''

Girl-on-girl action? ''Maybe it was just an accident, Star thought, as Brandi's hands worked down her thigh.'' Pet A dog named Mutley.

Literary reference ''We'll have a Pretty Woman shopping spree on Rodeo Drive.''

Lowdown This vapidly chipper roman a clef gets a D, for ditz.

In Jenna Jameson's memoir HOW TO MAKE LOVE LIKE A PORN STAR -- copenned by Neil Strauss -- a young woman from Vegas makes it in a big strip club and becomes a porn star.

Stage name Jameson

Deadbeat boyfriend ''Jack loved to get high and gamble. I just never realized he'd been doing it with my money.''

Big spender ''Steve asked me what I wanted.... I requested something I desperately needed: a refrigerator.''

Girl-on-girl action? Plentiful and unprintable. Pet Depends on how you define pet.

Literary reference ''He slammed me so fast and hard.... Trying to maintain eye contact with him was like trying to read Dostoevsky [sic] on a roller-coaster.''

Low-down Waaaay too much information, but fascinating. B+

In Theodore Dreiser's 1900 classic SISTER CARRIE, a young woman from a small Wisconsin town makes it in the big city and becomes a Broadway star.

Stage name Madenda

Deadbeat boyfriend ''Why could not Carrie assist [Hurstwood] a little, until he could get something?''

Big spender '''Come on,' [Drouet] said. 'I'll see you through all right. Get yourself some clothes.'''

Girl-on-girl action? ''Carrie looked into her pretty face with its large blue eyes, and saw little beads of moisture.''

Pet None.

Literary reference ''Some people get the idea that their happiness lies in wealth and position. Balzac thought so, I believe.''

Lowdown Overly long and kinda dated, but better than you remember. B

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