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Anchor Fight!

Stewart and Koppel debate media and politics -- The ''Daily Show'' and ''Nightline'' anchors square off over their shows convention coverage

They didn't slap each other's faces with gloves, but a duel of sorts seems to be brewing between ABC's ''Nightline'' anchor Ted Koppel and ''The Daily Show'' faux anchor Jon Stewart. Dismayed that ''a lot of television viewers -- more, quite frankly, than I'm comfortable with -- get their news from...'The Daily Show,''' Koppel chided Stewart on ''Nightline'''s July 28 program, accusing the ''Indecision 2004'' host of transforming the political process into a joke. Stewart (whose original episodes on Comedy Central pull in about a third as many viewers as ''Nightline'') countered that televised political debates have become as meaningless as ''Coke and Pepsi talking about beverage truth.'' Koppel's retort: ''I've had enough of you. You're done.'' Spokespeople for both say they remain pals -- but an under-the-weather Koppel canceled a ''Daily Show'' appearance (he'll reschedule). A network anchor accusing a Comedy Central show of...being a joke? Now there -- as Stewart says -- is your moment of Zen.

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