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Charlie and Wesley

Nurse Betty (2000)

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Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock made our list of favorite movie hitmen

PLAYED BY Morgan Freeman (Charlie) and Chris Rock (Wesley)

THE LOWDOWN The shock of seeing her husband whacked by this father-and-son team sends poor Renée Zellweger off the deep end and on the road to the (imaginary) California setting of her favorite soap opera. Unfortunately, she unwittingly takes along a trunk full of contraband, forcing Charlie and Wesley to pursue her across the country.

WEAPONS OF CHOICE Practical Charlie favors handguns (''Boom, boom, boom. Three in the head, you know they're dead''), though headstrong Wesley also likes to scalp his victims with a knife.

REDEEMING VIRTUE Without having met her, Charlie develops a crush on his quarry. Wesley turns out to be a soap opera fan, too.

WHY THEY MADE OUR LIST A lot of hitmen are lone wolves, but there's nothing like working with your father or your son to keep you in line. Plus, it's a hoot to see the usually noble Freeman (left) play a grumpy old killer.


Originally posted Aug 05, 2004

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