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Get the scoop on this fall's hottest movie biographies. See how the life stories of Ray Charles, Howard Hughes, Bobby Darin, and others will get the big-screen treatment

Jamie Foxx, Ray
Image credit: Ray: Nicola Goode
Jamie Foxx, Ray
Image credit: Ray: Nicola Goode


(Oct. 29)

REAL PERSON Ray Charles, the R&B legend who overcame poverty, racism, and the loss of his sight at age 6

PLAYED BY Jamie Foxx

REEL PERSON Charles, who already revealed his scandalous past in the 1978 biography ''Brother Ray,'' was actively involved in this no-holds-barred biopic until his death in June at 73. Fans looking for the grinning Pepsi spokesman of the 90s will be surprised to see the movie's portrayal of Charles as a onetime heroin addict and rampant womanizer. Two women figure largely in the script: Charles' long-suffering second wife Della (''She Hate Me'''s Kerry Washington) and Raelettes singer Margie Hendrix (''Jerry Maguire'''s Regina King), a mistress who gave birth to one of Ray's 11 children before dying of a drug overdose.

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