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First Daughter (2004)

Katie Holmes, First Daughter | HOLMES AND AMERIE ROGERS
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Details Release Date: Sep 24, 2004; Length: 104 Minutes; Genre: Comedy; With: Marc Blucas, Katie Holmes and Michael Keaton; Distributor: 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

A teen icon as the president's daughter, falling in love with a boy with a secret, and having adventures away from her Secret Service retinue. Didn't this movie open already? Kinda. Fox moved ''Daughter'' from its early-'04 date to get away from the wildly similar Mandy Moore vehicle, ''Chasing Liberty.'' Though according to director Forest Whitaker, ''Daughter'' is totally different. ''I'm telling a Siddhartha story,'' he says, referring to the myth of the Buddha prince seeking enlightenment. But Whitaker quickly adds that his literary inspiration is barely noticeable (and he encourages us to think more ''Sabrina''). Katie Holmes played hard-to-get, and only agreed to be cast after Whitaker was hired and retooled the script. ''I was finishing 'Dawson's Creek' and I was terrified at the thought of doing anything else,'' she says. ''I wanted to make sure the movie [had] a strong script.'' Producer John Davis is more pointed (and slightly ironic): ''She wanted to make sure it wasn't a kiddie pic, another Mandy Moore/Hilary Duff movie.''

What's at stake Well, ''Chasing Liberty'' wasn't exactly a hit.

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