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Why you need to know about ''CSI: NY''

THE DEAL Forensic detectives Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise, right) and Stella Bonasera (''Providence'' star Melina Kanakaredes, left) dig for DNA and other evidence in the Big Rotten Apple.

WHAT IT'S LIKE Um, ''CSI.'' And ''CSI: Miami.'' Except in New York. That's it.

BACK STORY One early episode takes place at a naked sushi restaurant, in which the meals are served on unclothed models. Talk about raw food.

WHY YOU NEED TO KNOW IT The first two versions are smash hits. Why should this one be any different?

WILL WE WATCH? With a star like Sinise and plenty of putrefying gore, this is must-''CSI'' TV.

Originally posted Aug 12, 2004

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