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Monster Mash

Alien and Predator will both win. The monster showdown will woo boys to the theater; ''Princess Diaries'' will seduce the girls

AVP: Alien vs. Predator | GRAND ENTRANCE ''Alien vs. Predator'' will be No. 1
GRAND ENTRANCE ''Alien vs. Predator'' will be No. 1

Who knows whether Alien or Predator will win the battle, but the new horror flick ''Alien vs. Predator'' will certainly emerge victorious at the box office this weekend. A movie practically tailor-made for the teenage-boy crowd, ''AVP'' will have no problem dethroning Tom Cruise from the No. 1 slot with a debut of around $38 million.

While the guys check that one out, young girls will flock to ''The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.'' The first ''Princess Diaries'' film premiered with $22.9 million three years ago, so look for the sequel to top that figure, opening with about $25 million.

Cruise's ''Collateral,'' meanwhile, should dip 45 percent in its second weekend to about $14 million, followed by ''The Village'' and ''The Bourne Supremacy'' with $8 million each.

Also opening this weekend is the film version of the kids' collectors items ''Yu-Gi-Oh!,'' which should manage a $7 million debut. Maybe next time they should think about challenging Alien or Predator to a duel.

Originally posted Aug 12, 2004

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