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• Lots of funny, twisted imagery tumbles from KIMYA DAWSON’s ''Loose Lips.'' Monsters under the bed. Drop-kicking candy maven Russell Stover. Even a few jabs at the president. KIMYADAWSON.COM

• You can be a devoted DVD convert and still love VHS OR BETA, or so we’ve concluded from ''Night on Fire,'' which sounds akin to an old Cure song caught in a disco inferno. You know, like Interpol. ASTRALWERKS.COM

• Remember THE PRODIGY’s ''Firestarter''? Well, ''Girls'' is nothing like that. Think Prince-style funk, Fannypack, and grime mashed up into a hot, fuzzy dance track. MAVERICKRECORDS.COM/SOUNDSYSTEM/

• Got a weakness for PEDRO THE LION’s Achilles Heel? The band’s website now has exclusive MP3s from a show they did in June. Want access? Log in as friend, and use enemy as your password. PEDROTHELION.COM

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