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''Spider-Man 2'' DVD set for Nov. 30 -- The summer smash will swing into video stores with 10 hours of extras

Spider-Man | MAN BEHIND THE MASK Maguire will record a commentary for the DVD
MAN BEHIND THE MASK Maguire will record a commentary for the DVD

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After dominating summer box office, the $361 million-earning ''Spider-Man 2'' will next aim its webs at holiday shoppers, with a DVD set for a Nov. 30 release. The two-disc set will include commentary tracks from Tobey Maguire, director Sam Raimi, and executive producer Avi Arad, along with several documentaries: ''Making the Amazing,'' a 12-part look at the making of the film; ''Eight Arms to Hold You,'' a chronicle of the villainous Doc Ock's evolution; and ''Enter the Web,'' an in-depth exploration of the film's final action sequence.

The DVD will also include a blooper reel, but oddly, it appears that no deleted scenes will be offered, according to a Columbia TriStar press release. For the most avid fans, a ''gift set'' version of the film will offer a reprint of ''The Amazing Spider-Man'' comic book that inspired the movie's plot, along with an artwork portfolio and postcards -- but alas, no life-size Doc Ock arms.

Originally posted Aug 20, 2004

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