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Tommy Lee plans college reality show. The Motley Crue drummer will go back to school, and NBC will chronicle his frathouse exploits

Tommy Lee | BACK TO SCHOOL Lee is shopping for a network
Image credit: Tommy Lee: Jennifer Graylock/AP
BACK TO SCHOOL Lee is shopping for a network

Tommy Lee will be disseminating video of his personal life again, this time on purpose. Variety reports that the Motley Crue drummer is going back to school, and NBC is filming the 42-year-old undergraduate's collegiate exploits for a reality comedy series. Lee, whose on-camera escapades with ex-wife Pamela Anderson have certainly been popular, had reportedly been shopping around for a reality show for some time. NBC has not disclosed which institution of higher learning will host Lee's classroom and frathouse adventures. Nor has the network named a premiere date for the show. Meantime, the busy Lee is preparing to publish an autobiography in October, called ''Tommyland.''

Originally posted Aug 26, 2004

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