Frances Fisher

What initially drew Frances Fisher to ''Laws of Attraction'' (PG-13, 90 mins., New Line) was its ''attractive stars,'' Julianne Moore and Pierce Brosnan. But as Sara, the red-hot mother of Moore’s lawyer, the actress (who has a 10-year-old daughter with Clint Eastwood) shows there are no laws about age and beauty.

How tough was the scene where your teen-at-heart character works out on an elliptical machine?

That was my idea. I think the script had her on a treadmill. An EFX is much better for you. And this woman would know that—no bouncing. Bouncing’s not good for the body [laughs].

Is being older, beautiful, and in shape why you like the role?

She’s 56, and she takes care of herself, and she’s still a flirt. That was attractive, to portray someone like that, rather than what people think somebody in their 50s looks like. I’m 52. It’s a mind-set.

Shouldn’t there be more parts like Diane Keaton’s in ''Something’s Gotta Give''?

Yes. I get tired of coming-of-age movies. They’re great for kids, but I don’t need to see what somebody’s going through at 20 anymore. I’ve been there!

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