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Fitting the Bill

What's the first ''Apprentice'' winner up to? -- Bill Rancic discusses how he's kept busy since the end of the last season's finale, including a guest appearance on ''The Apprentice 2''

When not torturing new ''Apprentice'' contestants as a guest judge, Bill Rancic has been enjoying the spoils of his hard-won victory in last season’s finale: That is, he starts most days at 5 a.m. and works seven days a week. Now the owners' representative for Trump's hotel and residential complex in Chicago, the 33-year-old entrepreneur is figuring out how to build a 90-story building by visiting construction sites in New York and attending meetings to choose air-conditioning and electrical systems for the project. ''Some people are like, 'How come you're not quarterbacking this team?''' he says. ''I don't know how to build a high-rise. I'm not going to bulls--- anyone and pretend I do.'' Meanwhile, he's milking his 15 minutes: He's a fixture on the gossip pages (''My sister collects my press clips so one day I'll be able to show my kids''), hawking a small-business credit-card line and a new book (''You’re Hired'' is out Aug. 31), and enjoying the perks of being an instant reality TV celebrity, which include three-hour dinners with Trump. ''Just to say that I signed one autograph in my life is cool, right?'' -- JA

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