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Potent Pendants

The new trend replacing kabbalah bracelets -- Escapularios necklaces are worn as spiritual good-luck charms by Gisele Bundchen and other celebs

With those red-string kabbalah bracelets so played out (even Lindsay Lohan’s sporting one), spiritual-minded fashionistas are donning Brazilian escapularios -- necklaces with images of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Catholic saints. Gisele Bündchen and Rodrigo Santoro (''Love Actually'') have snapped up the good-luck charms, which graduated from church-lady-smart to hip with surfers and devotees of the Brazilian martial art capoeira. ''They offer protection from evil,'' says NYC-based Andre Méllo, who sells the amulets at ''Legend says that if you wear one when you die, your soul won’t go to hell.'' You listening, Madonna?

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