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Tom Selleck | SECOND COMING ''Magnum'''s Selleck
Image credit: Tom Selleck: 1985 Gene Trindle/MPTV
SECOND COMING ''Magnum'''s Selleck

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What television series from the '80s do you feel has the most potential to be revived, à la ''Star Trek: The Next Generation''? ''Dallas''? ''Dynasty''? ''MacGyver''? -- Tracey
Well, The WB tried to do a young ''MacGyver'' in 2003, with the ''Gilmore Girls''' Jared Padalecki as MacGyver's nephew, but it didn't fly. Personally, I'd go a little campier. How about a new ''Murder, She Wrote'' with Jessica Simpson in the Angela Lansbury role? She'd be the most confused crime solver since Columbo. I'd also revive ''Magnum P.I.'' with Tom Selleck -- but add some youth appeal by casting a sidekick, like ''The West Wing'''s Dulé Hill, who could certainly handle a bigger role than he rates now.
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