Everwood (2004) If the tinkling piano music and John Beasley's "Pooh Corner" narration scare you away from The WB's Everwood , a.k.a. their finest weekly hour, it's…
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Everwood (2004)

Emily VanCamp, Gregory Smith, ... | GIVE LOVE A WHIRL Everwood 's Smith and VanCamp
Image credit: Everwood: Richard Twarog
GIVE LOVE A WHIRL Everwood's Smith and VanCamp

Details Release Date: Sep 07, 2004; DVD Release Date: Sep 07, 2004; Genre: Drama; With: Vivien Cardone, Gregory Smith, Debra Mooney, Emily VanCamp and Treat Williams

If the tinkling piano music and John Beasley's ''Pooh Corner'' narration scare you away from The WB's Everwood, a.k.a. their finest weekly hour, it's time to get over yourself and give in to the show's ample charms. In Williams, creator Greg Berlanti found a perfectly imperfect match for widowed neurosurgeon Andrew Brown, who moves his two children from Manhattan to the teensyweensy, offbeat Rocky Mountain town. Season 1's big stories -- son Ephram's (Smith) heart-breaking first love, Amy (the stellar Emil VanCamp); the saga of Amy's comatose boyfriend, Colin (Mike Erwin); Andrew's struggle to redefine himself -- are solid family-drama plots rendered fresh by Berlanti's mix of empathy and quirkiness. Pay special attention to the infamous ''Episode 20'': The powerful hour explores the abortion issue while showcasing the series' penchant for a strong morality that's never garishly wrapped in piety.

EXTRAS Nothing fancy -- commentary tracks on four shows, deleted scenes, and a standard behind-the-scenes special.

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