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Having previously fused pop-punk and hip-hop, SUM 41 add thrash metal to the mix—with intriguing results—on the ambitious ''We're All to Blame,'' from October's Chuck. REAL.COM/RHAPSODY

Perhaps in honor of their namesake, the late Austrian archduke, FRANZ FERDINAND have recorded an online-only German-language version of their irresistible ''Tell Her Tonight.'' FRANZFERDINAND.CO.UK

Emo pioneers JIMMY EAT WORLD turn up the volume on ''Pain,'' the fervent, guitar-heavy first single from their upcoming Futures, the follow-up to 2001's smash self-titled CD. ITUNES.COM

''Deja Vu (All Over Again),'' from JOHN FOGERTY's forthcoming album, is aptly titled: Its ''Who'll Stop the Rain''-style guitar strumming and antiwar lyrics evoke his days in Creedence. JOHNFOGERTY.COM

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