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Be Very Frayed

CD covers resembling worn LP's is latest trend -- Artists like RJD2 and A Girl Called Eddy purposely designed their cover art to resemble the faded album sleeves

Remember the way LP covers would grow so frayed that the outline of the record inside was visible? Seems some contemporary musicians actually pine for those days, judging by the worn-LP-style CD covers of three current releases: RJD2's Since We Last Spoke, Johnny Five's Summer, and A Girl Called Eddy's eponymous album. ''I just wanted it to look like an old rock record rather than a modern hip-hop record—it seemed appropriate,'' says DJ and soundscape artist RJD2, a.k.a. RJ Krohn, whose album includes such rock-friendly elements as guitars and RJ's own singing. (The cover, he says, was inspired by the artwork of a '60s ''countrified rock group'' that he declines to name.) To attain just the right look, the DJ scanned photos of actual old tattered LP jackets. says RJ: ''It's sampled, if you will.'' Naturally.

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